We Are Passionate Stylists too

We know that as stylists, we wear so many multi-faceted hats, including managers, artists, entrepreneurs, and many more. By encouraging fellow stylists and our guests to be true to themselves first and foremost, we can consult, collaborate, and create true masterpieces!


A Salon is Only as Good As Their Experience

We believe that the best salons create an atmosphere of inclusion, fostering individual creativity while working as a team. Whether the team consists of a single suite owner and their guest or a 16-chair salon and spa, our goal is to provide unmatched service to compliment the salon experience.

Our Story

We're in this together

Cosmetologist owned and operated boutique salon supply? Yes, please! Other industries have tools or product delivery services, why not salons?! So, we began to offer top professional exclusive products with multiple options for online ordering, education, and even same day delivery.

Transforming stressed-out into kick ass.

We want every salon pro to have exclusive, sustainable and quality products available with the click of a button. By doing this, we are creating a seamless and personal experience that they have access when needed so they can focus on what they’re best at; providing exceptional services.