Four Reasons

Optima Clear Booster

The new Four Reasons Optima Clear Booster is an interesting and versatile product for a Four Reasons Optima color user and offers new opportunities to create the desired hair color for your customer quickly and easily.

Optima Clear Booster enhances the Optima color’s lifting effect and evens out the different levels in colored hair. This means that you can lighten previously colored more gently and get an even result without color correction. Optima Clear Booster enhances the coverage of the hair color in resistant hair, for example with grey coverage. With Optima Clear Booster, you can also lighten the dyed hair subtly, which means that you can brighten the tone lightly without using lightening color or bleach.


Mixed in the color mass: Mix Optima Clear Booster with the desired color by applying 1⁄4–1⁄2 of product per the amount of color mass. Let the dye process normally.

On its own: Use Optima Clear Booster to lighten dyed hair by mixing it with Four Reasons Optima Cream Oxid developer 6–12% with a mixing ratio of 1:1.5. Lightening efficiency approx- imately 1–3 levels depending on the darkness level of the hair. Processing time 20–40 minutes.


• Brighten base:

When toning bleached hair, you can use Optima Clear Booster to clear the tone while simultaneously brightening the base. You can mix Optima Clear Booster with all Optima tones, except the product line 11.

• Enhance the haircolor’s grey coverage:

It you want to enhance the capacity of Optima Cover tones to cover grey hair, add a maximum amount of 1⁄4 of the color mass of Optima Clear Booster to a ready-mixed color mass. Please note! You do not need to add more developer.

• Brighten up those darkened ends:

If the customer’s hair has darkened too much at the ends, apply Optima Clear Booster to the ends to brighten the tone conveniently as the root dye processes.

• Intensify the color:

When you want to get the most intensive result while toning dyed hair with, for example, red colors, add 1⁄3 Optima Clear Booster to the dye (e.g. 7R) that is applied to the ends and increase the developer by one 3 % 6 %.


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