From Hairstylist to Wholesaler

When I began my journey behind the chair in 2009, I was confident that I could be successful. Build the clientele, own the salon, educate and do all the things. I didn't know what my end goal was. Work crazy hours, being creative and slinging hair all day until the day my body gave out? Sure, that sounded reasonable to me at the time.

Instead of eating, I was inhaling lightener (10/10 do not recommend). Instead of sleeping, I was up all-night learning new techniques. Instead of breathing, I was squeezing in that client who could never seem to schedule properly. Overall, I had a great clientele, a salon family I could never replace and was working with a product line that was new to the U.S. and that I had fallen completely in love with. 

Fast forward to 2020. You already know. I've watched so many stylists and salon owners share our struggles through the pages dedicated to our industry.

Headliners Hair Salon. The salon that built me. The hairstylists and clients will live in my heart forever.

Deep down, I knew this had been growing in me well before covid hit us all. Hell, just before the shutdown, my husband had told me to “consider taking a break, 3 months off, reevaluate.” He was right, but I wouldn’t do it. How could I just cancel 3 months of existing appointments, right?! Then suddenly, we all had no other choice but to do just that and I realized that I could.

I worked the next year, like I always had. First came the mad dash of everyone trying to get back in and then getting our products became increasingly difficult. Between supply chain issues and factories having been shut down (I totally get these parts), I felt that many product companies weren’t in it for US and hadn’t been for a long time, even though we’re the ones who educate consumers into purchasing their goods.

I thought, “I don’t want to just sell the products that I know and love; I want to be a true service to other hair pros. I want to have their backs.” I wanted to create a business that can deliver that 6V you didn’t realize you were out of until it was too late to get to the supply store. Or show up at your door with a mobile store just for you. 

So became Headliners Hair Pro; an evolving work of love for the pillars of beauty capitalism (that's us, cosmetologists. IMHO). As central Florida's newest boutique salon supply, our aim is to cater to a specialized group of industry professionals who's goal is to elevate our industry as a whole.