My Why

Let’s talk formulating. Learning a new color line is about as exciting as getting a formula card from a new client. Exciting? Yes! No need for intimidation or anxiety (which I’ve had my share of). For me, it gets that adrenaline pumping. Like, “I don’t know what I don’t know but I know that I can learn and that I have the power to create.”


As stylists, we know there are multiple techniques & more than one formula to reach our desired outcomes. This is an area where I love assisting! It’s easy to get stuck in pulling the same safe formulas we know & love. I do it too! And that’s great, we love them for a reason! 

But how much do we love trying new colors & techniques?! I know I do! I’ve worked with many different color lines over the years and while they certainly aren’t all created equally, there are bits & pieces I love from them all!

The color lines that I now distribute & have worked with behind the chair for years are, I feel, some of the best of all those bits & pieces. Versatile and extensive with endless options to create unique & tailored outcomes for every client. Just my cuppa. 

Being an account holder with Headliners Hair Pro means full support by a stylist! I adore this industry, I adore doing hair but more than anything, I adore my fellow stylists and their individual creative abilities. Even if you just want to ask how to retrieve a license in a new state. Questions, concerns, wins, venting or just bouncing ideas off? I’m here for all of it! If I don’t have the answer, I go to the manufacturers or other educators to find the best answer because I love learning too! This is precisely my “why” in choosing to venture into distribution. What's your why?